CRM for SharePoint

Building collaborative relationship with your clients and contractors is as important as setting objectives and creating a schedule of your project.

Client Relationship Management Module (CRM) available within DocSpace focuses on collaborating and data sharing to improve the quality of the information, flowing between the concerned parties, so to make sure your team is fully aware of the clients/contractors’ representatives, and the contracts that are being negotiated or already signed.

DocSpace is capable of:

  • Keeping your contacts in a good order
  • Creating the list of the clients/contractors’ representatives
  • Allocating a dedicated workspace to manage perspective or existing contracts and projects
  • Having/updating your services and products in a single area
  • Keeping team and personal calendars
  • Creating analytical and statistical data


By using DocSpace’s CRM one can create and manage his contacts database where level of details can be adjusted and duly filled out to meet one’s needs. As an example, those details may cover the data on those who are responsible for communication both on personal and organisational levels.

DocSpace allows tracking the status of the contacts and the customers so to identify whether.

One can categorize and prioritise his contacts.

Clients’ representatives

DocSpace CRM provides complex control of all the prospective clients and deals. It enables you to register and track all the relevant information about the clients, their background and about those who are responsible for the contract’s progress.

Effectively manage valid statuses, lifecycle stages, probabilities, and due dates. Assign relevant tasks and add them to to-do lists.

Easily manage all sales documents referred to the customers and team up with your contract management.

With the DocSpace you will not let your new customer slip away.

Contracts and Projects

DocSpace CRM serves as an effective collaboration tool as well. Dedicated workspace can be created for each customer or contract.

All documents, tasks, issues and discussions referring to a contract or a project could be located in a dedicated SharePoint web-site.

Remote access to the database will let you find related information quickly and ceaselessly no matter where you are and when you need it.

Products and Services

Have you products and Services specified within DocSpace where you can keep them in one place.You can combine these descriptions with price lists and other attached documents.

Besides you can use that collated information to compose and change commercial offers.

Team and Personal calendars

Keep your personal tasks organised in a simple calendar or a full-list view and then share it with your team members.

DocSpace Calendar functionality provides a prompt and accurate overview of tasks progress and deadlines so to eliminate the need to report back by email on every single occasion.

Statistical and Analytical data

Should you need to have your sales cycle accessible and transparent, then DocSpace will align your sales efforts with business strategies and objectives.DocSpace is capable of generating:

  • Product sales analysis
  • Sales Stage and Probability Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Real-Time Forecasting