Invoice management

Interacting with various departments within the company one would be responsible for managing the projects, another - for scheduling the payments, and the third - for making the actual payment. The accounting department would get a request to issue invoices and track their status. DocSpace will help you to have the invoices well-organised and well-managed.

Should you be facing such issues as going through dozens of emails and failing to produce prompt reports due to having all the communication via emails and consequently ending up with time consuming search activity as well as information and status gathering,DocSpace will solve these issues by:

  • Having your contracts managed within the system
  • Managing your payment schedules
  • Composing invoices requests
  • Building reports on the invoices status

DocSpace offers the following functionality:

  • Manage your contracts by adding, storing and updating their attributes; by approving them electronically
  • Coordinate the invoices by creating and editing the payments schedule and notifying the users of the due dates
  • Integration with SAP - compose invoices requests based on the item of the schedule with auto filling of the invoice description from the schedule’s item’s description and route the invoice requests to SAP and get the invoice status from SAP back to the system
  • Build reports referred to an invoice status – past, expected and overdue payments