Archive of legal documents

Well-organised and well-managed legal issues of any organisation are one of the key aspects that allow companies achieve a desired effect.

Instances like having a holding that owns several companies being residents of different jurisdictions, where the holding’s legal department creates multiply documents on behalf of these companies, and this documentation has to be accessed by various departments at the same time - is one of the perfect examples when there should be some tool to have all the concerned parties aligned.

The tool that is offered by Docuway - DocSpace - will allow the parties involved to:

  • Create documents in a single repository
  • Have them stored and archived and accessed remotely
  • Store the documents securely and access them based on the access matrix
  • Access the documents instantly
  • View, edit, comment the documents via a collaboration tool
  • Search for documents based on the document’s attributes and/or its content

Besides DocSpace is capable of:

  • Document capturing
  • Setting a strict documentation retention policy
  • Storing multicomponent documents while maintaining their links
  • Supporting versioning of the documents
  • Using bar codes to identify the documentation and build connections between electronic and paper versions of the document
  • Assigning tasks based on the documents

Having DocSpace as your solution you will be able to:

  • Reduce the risk of a total or partial loss of the documentation
  • Avoid the risk of time and financial losses that could be resulted by working with an interim version rather than with a final version of the documentation

Finally, DocSpace can serve as a focal point tool to connect your company’s departments, their milestones and schedule.